Friday, February 25, 2011

What bridesmaid dress you should take

Members brides in search of dress, makeup at the same time not forget our bridesmaids, maid of honor should be considered what to wear (clothes or their own custom dress, or rented dress), bridesmaid in certain aspects, provide gas to the bride is speaking it!You can choose long bridesmaid dreses,short bridesmaid dresses,Junior Bridesmaid Dresses,Bridesmaid Dressesunder 100..etc

So, we dress the same time, do not forget our good friend Oh trickling to talk about his experience

1  bridesmaids wear,

2  bridesmaid selection of packages 

3  bridesmaids makeup

4  accessories 

First talk about the bridesmaid bridesmaid The role of maid of honor it is to solve problems for the bride at the wedding, the bride to set off to see the important role better. Therefore, from the modeling, the bridesmaid never the bride can not grab the limelight. Bridesmaid's dress, choose from the dress to look good grasp of every degree. First, what if the wedding is the bridesmaids to wear indoors, more solemn occasions (such as churches), the bride chose the trailing wedding, the bridesmaids also dressed in more formal dress. Specific requirements are: skirt length to the upper top of the bottle but the skirt can not be too less than the bride, or distracting will also affect the walk. Bridesmaids need to turn around because of the time to help the bride wedding bride brought trailing. If it is an outdoor wedding (such as grass), in order to create some romantic atmosphere, you can choose a short section of the designer bridesmaids dresses 2011, knee slightly overshadowed the best.

The length of the action will not be affected, because the maid of honor may not have a lot of time taking into account their own. Bridesmaid dress styles and colors to choose bridesmaids and the bride wedding dress style to be similar to the premise should be simple and elegant bridesmaid dress color light color-based, but do not be white, pink, light champagne, light green are good choice. Behind the design is more recommended to choose the color of the dress, because the bridesmaids may be a lot of time back to the guests. Style, we should concise and elegant, luxurious without publicity, happy and with kindness. May often slide down to the ribbon, action will be bigger down the low cut off may make you distracted and all the details of the deal should not be installed in bridesmaid, harness design models or bridesmaid dress halter pretty good. Note: My bridesmaid dress is designed Tee, I selected the agreed time and stores the time in the custom-made to add a shoulder strap Second, the selection of bride and bridesmaids package is certainly not to take bags, but the bridesmaids are required to carry package. What can the kind of bag? From the shape, decorated with luxurious shiny bag bridesmaid's overall shape is echoed coordination. Handbag bridesmaid choice is not recommended, the best option available at the shoulders of a single shoulder bag, so as not to delay the service for the bride hands. Bags can not be too small, must be at least half the size of the magazine can only hold all the envelopes and all other debris. Third, relative to the bride and bridesmaid's makeup makeup eye shadow color of the main difference lies in the cool colors and color techniques, warm and lovely bridal makeup side, bridesmaids, you can emphasize individuality. Key makeup eye shadow to create gradient smoke

A. Segment: make-up artist recommended the Department of purple and brown eye shadow to echo the elegance of dress, that even the use of color "-stage approach." Take the purple make-up artist to the model used for example, starting from the eyelids are purple to eggplant purple from Ching Lin, outer end of eye outlined in black, to create a gradient effect, under the eye shadow is the same, and upper end of eye shadow to the intersection with make-up artist said that people feel the end of the outer corner where, to make the eyes bigger stretch, but also more profound. 

B. brown blush was elegant: with a little smoke can choose brown blush, color position from the cheekbone oblique 45? Angle to the zonal location of the temple, brown blush to quickly enhance the overall stable feel, filling elegance.

C. Lip Gloss better: For the mystery of the overall look of the elegant feel, or use lipstick echoes the best, delicate texture and color of the light degrees more noble than the lip gloss. Makeup artist recommended to choose lipstick color close to the bare skin, also reveals a warm ice, easy-going. Or you can use a little lipstick deep part only point Chun Feng slowly halo. Fourth, the principle of bridesmaid accessories: convenient! Please send all accessories of all barriers to mobility exclusion sake. An elegant necklace around the neck, a pair of sparkling crystal earrings is sufficient