Thursday, November 4, 2010

Talk about Wedding Dress Fabrics

Having a good understanding of the wedding dress fabrics is helpful in choosing an exquisite perfect. However, many girls do not pay attention to quality fabrics and materials from wedding gowns and only care about the style of clothes they like. In fact, the tissues are closely related to prices, styles and quality. So if you can choose fabrics that fit you well, you will be more beautiful on your big day.

There are several types of fabrics to make wedding dresses. These include satin, taffeta, organza, chiffon, tulle and lace are widely used. Here are some of the introductions of these fabrics often used.

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Satin is very common in wedding gowns. silk yarns are densely woven fabric together create brighter, more firm known as satin. And you can feel the glossy sheen, when looking to one side.

Satin offers a mature and elegant feeling, because it is heavy, opaque and shiny. So in line witha line wedding dresses with skirts, dresses and slim-line dresses in shape and brightness to display the beautiful silhouette.


Taffeta is a wonderfully fresh, material theft is made of silk or synthetic fibers. Taffeta can come in background matte or glossy finish, due to the characteristics of the style of dress needs.

Taffeta is an ideal fabric for garments of great structure and style, as it is a whole cloth, and crisp. It is best suited to fuller skirts with petticoats network. Therefore, it is the perfect choice for a wedding dress with a skirt or dress clothes.


Chiffon is a delicate and transparent plain weave fabric with a very soft, feminine finish. Can be silk (expensive) or rayon (more affordable). Silk chiffon is the luxury option for a more affordable option to use polyester chiffon.

Gasa is a real fabric of the classic wedding. Due to its delicate transparency, is often layers of gauze and is popular for sleeves, overskirts, and wraps.

If you want to get married to the beautiful beaches around the world, gauze is a good choice. The smooth movement of the fabric has a wonderful image in the coastline and gentle movement of the fabric in a gentle breeze creates a romantic scene.


Organza is a gauzy, hard, crisp, sheer, lightweight plain weave fabric of silk or synthetic rayon, nylon or polyester. Organza is crisp and pure as gauze, with a stiffer texture similar in effect to tulle, but more flowing.

In a bridal gown overskirt, organza is a range of attractive body just enough to move out yet still very good. You can also use the styles covered, loose dress or more structured styles. Therefore, it is very popular for skirts, sleeves, back, and overlays.


Tulle is starched, fine mesh. Pure and compensation light silk, nylon, or rayon, which is a bit stiffer and thicker than chiffon or organza, but weaker than the compensation.

End uses include dance costumes and wedding veils. Tulle is often used for skirts and veils and trains.This fabric tears easily so please be careful until the wedding is over.


Traditionally, this tissue was draft by hand, and therefore face a choice between tissues. Today, the socket can be done by machine, and can even be done with the stretch or "give" built into the fabric.

Lace is loved by most girls, and the romantic symbols. To use a wedding dress with lace overlay is a dream of many girls.

Since each material is designed to produce a different effect, the same style dress can be seen and felt very different in different tissues. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose the fabric, has comfortable and matches the type of style you like. Then it would be the next bride lovely and amazing

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